Fox sports broadcast coverage...past & present.

KTTW Fox 7 and Fox Sports has brought you a wide array of exciting coverage already this year with plans to continue to do the same throughout 2017.  Here is where we have been and what you can expect now and in the future.

Kttw Fox 7 in Sioux Falls

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The KTTW Fox 7 Production Dept. has done it again!!!

Since 2007 the KTTW Producers Rodney Burgenson and/or Amy Daws has taken home 1st or 2nd place at the statewide SDBA TV commercial competition.  This year they won both!  Click here to see an example of some of their work.

Can you guess Fox's Top 10 shows since first hitting the airwaves?

For over 30 years the Fox Broadcast Network has been bringing you a variety of shows.  These shows ranged from bone-chilling dramas to off-the-wall comedies.  Some you might still recognize while others are still with us today.  Combine this programming with the networks top notch sports and you have a network for all ages.  KTTW Fox 7...the most exciting place on television!