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Did you know KTTW has won awards since 2007???

Since 2007 KTTW's Production Staff has been taking home statewide SDBA awards for their work in television production.  If you have a business or want to promote an event and/or cause then click on "Watch" to find out more!


AMERICAN GRIT airs every Thursday until the 2-hour finale June 9th.  It's all-new and action-packed destination programming.  Hosted by Wrestling Star John Cena, the the show features 16 competitors battling for the final prize.

Kttw Fox 7 in Sioux Falls

Who says summer programming is all re-runs - introducing "COUPLED"!

COUPLED, the new unscripted dating show from Emmy award-winning "super" producer Mark Burnett who follows twelve smart and savvy young women as they test their chemistry and compatibility both in person and via text with eligible suitors in paradise.  We all know that sometimes it's hard to decipher what exactly that text you just got really test your emoji decoding skills on air and help get viewers excited about the series.  COUPLED airs every Tuesday at 8:00pm and is scheduled to run throughout the summer right here on the most exciting place on television...KTTW Fox 7!