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TELEVISION IS OUR GAME:  Since 2007 the KTTW Production Team has dominated the SD Broadcast Awards and this year is no exception...

The Devil is back and he is liking the mortal mortal LUCIFER Monday nights!!!

Charming, charismatic and devilishly handsome, LUCIFER (premiering Monday, May 1st) has a way of manipulating people into confessing their deepest, darkest secrets.  Ironically that helps a female detective (Chloe) deliver justice. But Lucifer quickly discovered that she makes him vulnerable. When he’s around her, the devil can bleed like anyone else. It’s a truly scary realization that doesn’t sit well with his friend s from Hell.  They want nothing more than to leave Los Angeles and get back to their life in Hell, but Lucifer is having one helluva good time with the mortals, and is not about to go back to the underworld...brought to you exclusively on KTTW Fox 7.