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OUR PRODUCTION STAFF:  Since 2007 the Production Staff here at KTTW Fox 7 has been awarded 1st place or her to find out why:

Do you have what it takes to be part of AMERICAN GRIT?  Tune in Sunday's to find out more...

WWE Superstar John Cena, along with a host of military specialist welcome the new AMERICAN GRIT competitors, who have lost their grit or never had it. Participants will be hand-picked by these military personnel to form a team.  These individuals then become part of a team that will be challenged to take part in a number of different obstacles.  The goal of the competition is to help them find their grit plus win $250,000.  It's time to wipe away the tears and step up or “ring out” at which point they go home.  AMERICAN GRIT is part of our summer-long Sunday block airing at 8:00pm right here on KTTW Fox 7...the most exciting place on television!