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Here is a look back at 2016 and a glance ahead to the year to come.  Fox has been the broadcast network leader in sports for well over a decade and here is what you can expect!!!

Kttw Fox 7 in Sioux Falls

The Day "The Great American Race" was delayed to Primetime (Feb. 26, 2012).

Mother Nature is always unpredictable but never as much as one Sunday of 2012.  Never in the history of the DAYTONA 500 has a race been completely rained out - not to mention it going to the following Monday.  Not once...not twice but three times NASCAR and the Fox Broadcasting crew had to change the time the green flag would waive.  Click on this extended coverage from 5-years ago and make sure to watch this Sunday's exclusive coverage of the Daytona 500's qualifying runs from 2:00pm - 4:00pm right here on KTTW Fox 7.