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Gregg's Sub Station

Gregg’s substation feels like a Sioux Falls secret. It’s not real flashy or commercial looking, so you know they like to just focus on good food and good service. I ordered the Royal Combo sub, it had salami, ham, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, corned beef and provolone on it. Talk about a lot of meat, and it’s all cut fresh right in front of you. I got the standard dress and added fresh mushrooms (SWEET!) with sliced pickles. Their chicken tortilla soup served with fritos was the perfect side that had just enough spice to make it interesting. It was all awesome and just what you’d expect for a good hearty soup and sandwich.  
-Amy D

I chose Gregg's delicious egg salad sandwich on a croissant bun and paired it with a bowl of their soup of the day, Wisconsin Cheese. The croissant was over-flowing with egg salad and did not disappoint my taste buds! Wisconsin Cheese is one of my favorite soups and Gregg's was phenomenal! I could've had another bowl! Gregg's is a great place to go for a quick lunch in a clean and casual atmosphere! 

- Gina R.

To be honest, I wasn’t really aware of Gregg’s Substation located off of 41st St. until that day, but it quickly got my attention on arrival. The thing that got me was the setup of the dining area as it reminded me a bit of the café my grandma used to run when I was a little kid terrorizing guests. As I stepped up to place the order I fumbled with indecision---deli style sandwich or a heated sub? They both were mouthwatering from the people who had ordered before me, but its come on- - it’s -100 degrees outside and I needed the heat. After picking through the menu I came away with the Italian Pizza Sub and a cup of chili cheese Frito soup. That chili was exactly what I needed that day and it warmed me right up with a home cooked feel. My take-a-way from Gregg’s is when you’re looking for a sandwich around lunch time, don’t forget that these small local shops that will put the time and care into giving you the best experience possible.

- Joey W.

Gregg's Substation has got to be one of my favorite little restaurants in town!  Located in a strip mall on 41st Street, they offer great sandwich/sub choices and amazing good soup!  I seem to always order the same sandwich because it is so delicious!!!  Their Reuben is just awesome! And I always order their Chicken Tortilla soup, too!  So good!!! They pile the meat on high, and when it's combined with the cheese, sour kraut, thousand island dressing on toasted wheat bread, it's awesome!!

- Becky S.


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