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Pickel Barrel

Dragon Slayer

Pickle Barrel should be code for SUBS ON STEROIDS! These subs are HUGE! They have full, half and quarter sized subs. Their quarter-sized sub is basically the same size as a Subway 6 inch! I ordered the Dragon Slayer, which contained ham, salami, provolone and mustard. I got their standard dress on top, minus the onions and It. Was. Good. I had to dismount my jar in order to bite in to it, but I was not complaining! Their French bread is made in house and it’s super soft and delicious! Yum. This is the place to go for subs. I also had their minestrone soup and that was good too, but the sub was beyond good. I love this place. There’s something about fishing around in a barrel to pick out your pickle that makes you feel like you’re trying something authentic! J Big fan of the Pickle Barrel!

- Amy D.

We enjoyed The Pickle Barrel today for lunch.  Wow, were they ever big subs!  I ordered the regular size, but really should have ordered the smallest size, because I could barely eat it all.  They offer both cold and hot subs and today I went with the Blue Streak Sub, which is served hot.  It was loaded with lots of beef, mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese dressing.  It was delicious!  I also had a cup of their soup and as there are usually 3 choices, I went with the Minestrone which was full of great veggies.  Great choice!  Oh, and I don’t want to forget their signature pickle you get…I love those dill pickles!!!

- Becky S.

Blue Streak Sub


Pickle Barrel is my favorite place to go for subs! I ordered the Cheesesteak off their hot sandwiches menu. I ordered the half size. Let me start off my
mentioning how huge these subs are! They do not skip on toppings; the meat was falling out of the sub! The beef, barbeque sauce and cheese left my mouth watering! I also had their French Onion soup which was delicious. I topped off my meal with their Heaven bar, which definitely lived up to its name and left feeling very full and satisfied!

- Gina R.

On arrival to the Pickle Barrel I ran into an old classmate of mine to have a quick chat about what sandwich he recommended since I was relatively new to this sub shop. I was going to run through a couple that I was deciding on and he stopped me immediately on my first option, ‘The Sturgis Chicken’. This was the granddaddy of them all and made one very satisfied food review to follow. Loaded full of chicken, cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce—this made sound like something you’ve had before, but I promise you it’s not like this one. This was just one of the many options but next time I walk in, it may be hard to pick anything else.

- Joey W.

Sturgis Chicken

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