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I enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Caesar Pita in a whole wheat pita. The chicken was super juicy and full if flavor and a surprise addition of freshly cooked bacon made the pita so tasty. I made my pita "loaded" which also added grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms and topped with a light Caesar dressing it was amazing! The regular size was more than enough to fill me up and this is definitely one to try for any caesar lovers out there!

- Stacey R.

I love Pita Pit!  I have to start out saying that!!  Their pitas are awesomely good!  You can pick out whatever you want to stuff in them. I chose a breakfast pita called "Meat Today" and today the meat is ham and bacon with, of course, egg and hash browns. I topped it off with spinach, jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes,  pepper jack cheese and ranch dressing. Yum. And as I said, you choose whatever toppings you want. They have SO MANY to choose from, too!!   The soup I ordered was the buffalo chicken soup. That was spicy hot, as well.  Fantastic lunch!  I've had their salads here, too, so that would be a great choice also!!!

- Becky S

Pita Pit is the place to go to grab a quick and delicious lunch! There are so many different varieties of pitas to choose from, even breakfast ones served all day long! I chose "The Local" from the menu, which really is "The Aloha" pita. It's called "The Local" though because it's a Sioux Falls
favorite and it definitely tops my list! Chicken, ham and pineapple grilled in teriyaki sauce! Yummy! I loaded it with my favorite veggies and shredded pepper jack cheese and enjoyed every scrumptious bite!

- Gina R.

Having taken a few trips to Pita Pit in the past I knew this was going to be a fun review. I was feeling the need to try something different this time around (usually get the Aloha) and decided on my favorite cut of meat in a pita pouch ‘The Prime Rib’. Deliciously flavorful and packed full of the tender and juicy meat, I topped it off with some basics—lettuce, jalapenos, mushrooms, and a little adobe chipotle sauce. It’s really a wonderful place that provides a unique fresh lunch option. Pita Pit is a place I think very highly of and if you are looking for something a little outside the box then stop in and see just how great these wraps can be.

- Joey W.

Pita Pit

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