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A Taste of the Big Apple

Pizza Man

Pickel Barrel

Pizza Man

Who doesn’t love to try out a new pizza place? They will be pleasantly pleased if they order from Pizzaman! I ordered the taco pizza and it came with tons of toppings that included CRUNCHY chips, yes, they were still crunchy, nothing worse than a taco pizza with soggy chips! Plus lettuce, tomato, taco meat and taco sauce. I like a lot of taco sauce so I asked for extra sauce on the side and I definitely recommend that! It was delicious. And Pizzaman cuts their pizza in squares, which somehow makes the pizza taste better! J Great crust and great selection at Pizzaman!

- Amy D

We had a fantastic lunch today!!! We ordered in Pizza Man pizza and wings! Yum!!!  I absolutely love their pizza and think it's the best in town!!!  Pizza Man is locally owned with a west side location on S. Marion Rd.   Plus, soon they will have a second location on East 10th St. Pictured here is their BBQ Chicken specialty pizza. As you can see, they put a lot of cheese (and other ingredients) on their pies!!!  The combination of the BBQ sauce and garlic chicken made this pizza so delicious!!!   The other pizzas were great, too!  I really enjoyed the Bacon Cheeseburger one!  And the wings were a perfect side to the pizza.  I prefer the hot sauce, but they offer them with just BBQ sauce for those that don't like the hot spice!  I can't wait to visit their new restaurant when it opens! 

- Becky S

We enjoyed a variety of pizzas and sides today from Pizza Man! Pizza is my
all-time favorite food and Pizza Man's pies left my taste buds satisfied! I started off with the Chicken Alfredo pizza. The chicken and creamy sauce was
a great combination. I also really enjoyed the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. It tasted just like a bacon cheeseburger, but with a crust! I love buffalo
wings and the oven-roasted ones were delicious and a great compliment to the pizza. I'll want to try their BBQ wings next time. Pizza Man is a wonderful
locally owned pizza place and I look forward to their new east-side location opening soon!

- Gina R.

When thinking about which pizza place to choose next time you’re craving a cheesy pie of meat topping madness, I’d recommend ‘Pizza Man’. We chose a variety of different combinations because…well I wanted an excuse to have more to eat, AND the different topping possibilities were interesting. I’m the type of person that sticks strictly to Pepperoni—I mean, why stray from perfection? Well the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza is why! Laid on top of a nice crispy crust were piles of cheese, hamburger, bacon crumbles, and delicious sweet pickles. It really gave the sensation of eating a bacon cheeseburger on my deck during the summer with a bee…soda... in hand. The pizza was something else but our side orders of Rib Tips gave it the perfect compliment. Very tender and sweet, these chunks of meat were sweet and smoky like they had been prepared through the night rotating over a campfire. If you’re looking to quench those pizza cravings, give locally owned Pizza Man a call.

- Joey W.

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