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We had quite the experience with our review of Azteca Mexican Restaurant and a fun one at that. As I continue to sample the Seafood burritos around town this one grabbed a hold of my taste buds and said 'YOU WILL REMEMBER ME'---and remember it I will! Packed full of a variety of seafood items I knew I wouldn't walk away with an empty stomach. Put the food with the very entertaining LIVE music and there wasn't a dull moment during lunch. If your looking for authentic Mexican with a nice dose of flair then you won't be disappointed with a trip to Azteca.
- Joey W.

This was my first time eating at Azteca. There is a large menu to chose from with 29 different items making the choice difficult. Each entrée has a description of what you would be ordering. I chose an Enhchilada made with a corn tortilla filled with meant and topped with a special sauce and melted cheese. This was also served with rice, beans and coleslaw. The atmosphere was great making it a nice gathering place for family and friends.

- Judy B.

I met my co-workers today at Azteca Mexican Restaurant on S. Minnesota Ave. We all had a great time there. I ordered their Loco Burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled with chicken breast and sautéed onions and green peppers. They then cover it with a green sauce and melted cheese. I opted to skip the green sauce, but add tomatoes. It was very good. And the chips and salsa was good, too.

- Becky S.


This was my first time eating at Azteca, and definitely will not be my last! I ordered the Colorado Burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled with chunks of beef and cooked in a tasty red chili sauce. As you can see in the picture, it's a huge serving of food! I did not expect to finish it all, but when something tastes as good as that, it is impossible to put your fork down! On top of great food, Azteca has a friendly staff and there was even live music.

- Adam V.


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