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A Taste of the Big Apple

A Taste of the Big Apple

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A Taste of the Big Apple

We ate at A Taste of the Big Apple this week and the weather was so perfect that we got to sit out on the patio over lunch. What a great place this is! Fun and relaxing! I ordered the Reuben sandwich that was served with a side of homemade potato salad and a pickle spear. The sandwich was LOADED with corned beef along with a great tasting Thousand Island dressing (again...homemade) and sauerkraut, plus provolone cheese. It was made with rye bread and grilled to perfection! I would definitely order this again!

- Becky S.

I enjoyed a cup of Tomato Basil Soup and the Chicken Cesar salad. The soup was full of flavor and the salad was delicious! I was impressed by the generous amount of chicken in the salad and its taste.  We enjoyed our lunch on the patio, which was very relaxing on a beautiful day.

- Gina R.

From someone who’s eaten their share of pasta, the Shrimp Alfredo from ‘A Taste of the Big Apple’ is truly one of the most flavorful ones I’ve enjoyed. The creamy sauce really had a nice kick to it while the shrimp gave the perfect compliment. The atmosphere and food give you the feel that you’re actually in The Big Apple. I believe I just found the new spot for my monthly Alfredo craving.

- Joey W.

I had the pleasure of stepping outside the office for a patio lunch on the perfect day. My destination was A Taste of the Big Apple and two words will be highlighted from that title... BIG-TASTE! I had a hard time choosing from the vast menu but ended up going with a "Combination Calzone". The perfect blend of meats and cheeses were cradled in a golden brown  wrap. The tangy sauce Karen (owner) provided made it a true delight. In closing I would just like to say that I have ordered this item from other places numerous other places and this was no ordinary calzone. In my opinion the provolone cheese must have been imported from heaven...that was my thoughts as I drove back to the office from a "perfect" lunch.

- Scott N.

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