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A Taste of the Big Apple

Casa Del Rey

Frankie's Sports Bar & Grill

Maple Street Cafe

Puerto Vallarta

Skelly's Irish Pub & Grill

Casa Del Rey

I enjoyed Casa Del Ray’s Chicken Queso Chimichanga for lunch. It came out smothered with delicious queso and heaping spoonfuls of fresh lettuce and tomatoes and sour cream. The chimichanga was a little crispy, which I loved! Their homemade lemonade was delicious! I would definitely recommend that!  Of course, the endless chips and fresh salsa was a perfect appetizer. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive to our needs. She answered our table’s questions on the menu and gave her recommendations, which was appreciated

-Gina R

When I ordered the Seafood Enchilada Torte from Casa Del Rey, it was in my mind that I would get a flavorful rolled up tortilla with some form of imitation frozen seafood inside. That was not the case though as it was very fresh, as though Chef Don himself had been on the ‘SS Cornelia Marie’ reeling in the King Crab. This was topped with a wonderful ‘mornay’ glaze with the Mexican flavor of taco sauce, Monterey cheese, tomatoes, and black olives generously mixed in for a very filling portion. The enchilada was complimented nicely by about three glasses of freshly squeezed lemonade and a side of chips and salsa. Casa Del Rey has been here for years and there are plenty of reasons why.

- Joey W.

We met for lunch at Casa Del Ray on Russell Ave.  What a fun and festive restaurant this place is! I was in the mood for a salad and ordered the Chicken Strip Club Salad.  It is made with fresh greens, cheese, jalapeno bacon, salsa ranch dressing and crunchy blue corn strips.  It was delicious and full of crunch and flavor!  This salad had plenty of chicken and the slices of tomatoes added a lot of flavor. Oh, and the chips and salsa was delicious, too.  Now if I only could have ordered one of their Strawberry Margaritas...they are SO yummy.  I'll have to come back AFTER
work one day for that!

- Becky S. 

Ole! Mexican! Who doesn’t love free chips and salsa as soon as you sit down? And Casa Del Ray’s chips do not disappoint. Thin, crispy and perfect! They are very generous with the fresh salsa, giving everybody their own little bowl! My food was great too! I got the Dos Enchiladas. I ordered one with ground beef and one with seafood. The seafood enchilada came with an interesting white sauce that complimented the crab, shrimp and lobster meat inside the shell. And the beef one came with a traditional red sauce. Both were packed with flavor and both were delicious! Casa Del Ray is mucho delicioso!

- Amy D.

The Attic

Erberts & Gerberts

K's Restaurant

Phnom Penh

Rollin Pin