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I had never thought of “Fish & Peppers” until I saw Chedd’s menu for the first time (which was today).  The combination of the two made me curious and I am glad I went with my gut…no pun’ intended.  I have had hundreds of tuna sandwiches in my life but none like this.  I am now officially as Chipotle Cheddar fan now also.  It topped of a perfect trio of relish and rye and made to whole experience worth coming back for.  When is a grilled sandwich more than just a grilled sandwich?  When you get it at Chedd’s!

- Scott N.

Who all remembers their mom and dad’s famous grilled cheese sandwich with the side of creamy tomato soup as a kid?! Well this great place downtown takes it to a whole new level. For all the big cheese lovers around Sioux Falls, Chedd’s gives over 35 options to throw on that plump sandwich. I choose to go with the jalapeno havarti cheese on the crazy good sandwich ‘Jalazopeno’. It takes that kicked up havarti cheese and sets on thinly sliced ham, then piled on top are some fresh cut jalapenos, banana peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and a nice sweet honey mustard. And this sandwich isn’t just grilled into your basic white toast, it’s sitting on wonderfully crispy Focaccia bread which I would describe as a mix between a bagel and pizza crust. These reviews have opened my eyes to places I’d never been to and Chedd’s is no different.

- Joey W.

Hot Gobbler

Today we met at Chedd's Gormet Grilled Cheese restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls on Phillips Ave.  What a perfect lunch it was.
The restaurant is very quaint and cute inside, decorated with Wisconsin memorabilia.   My all time favorite "comfort food" is a gilled cheese
sandwich and tomato soup, which is exactly what I got today.  I went with the Hot Gobbler sandwich, which is made with white bread, Habanero Jack
cheese, Turkey, Banana Pepper, Jalapeno, Onion and Mayonnaise.  It was awesome, as I knew it would be!  As you can see by the photo, the cheese was melted perfectly and they give you a great amount of the turkey to make this sandwich a filling meal.  The Tomato Basil soup was fantastic, I might add. It was full of flavor and the creamy texture was perfect for dipping my sandwich in it.

- Becky S.

You say cheese and I say: “YES PLEASE!” Chedd’s takes the idea of gourmet grilled cheese and one-ups it! Yum. It’s the perfect lunch spot downtown and offers a huge variety of cheeses (most I’ve never heard of) on different types of fresh bread, now lets add some meat options in there and call them melts, toast them up right and you’ve entered cheesy-gooey heaven! I ordered the highly recommended Rye Knot. It came perfectly toasted on delicious Rye bread with Swiss, pastrami, pickle, tomato, and thousand island. This was an awesome combination! The pickle and Thousand Island were awesome on there! But honestly, pretty much any sandwich on the menu looked tasty. I’d like to work my way through the whole menu, but unfortunately, I just want another Rye Knot!!!

- Amy D.

Rye Knot

The Attic

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K's Restaurant

Imperial Garden

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