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Erbert & Gerbert's

I enjoyed the half-sandwich and soup combo for lunch, which was the perfect amount of food for a lunch appetite. I chose the Pompeii sub, which is chicken salad mixed with chili sauce, celery and topped with bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato. It was full of flavor and didn’t taste like an ordinary chicken salad sandwich.  There were a variety of soup choices and I picked the loaded baked potato.  It was very creamy and loaded with potatoes and other veggies. We got our food within a minute or two of ordering, so it’s a great place to go if you want something fast. The service was great, too! The owner came around a few times to make sure we had everything we needed, and even cleared table for us when we were ready to leave.

-Gina R

I’ve been to basically every sandwich shop in the area and usually come out with the most basic sandwich with ham or maybe some salami tossed on. Well Erbert and Gerberts is the place to go explore and try something different, because the variety and creativity stands out to me. My choice was ‘The Geeter’ which strangely combines both Seafood meat and Cherrywood smoked bacon and they absolutely work! With the sandwich they also hand you the ‘guts’ of the bread, which is a nice chunk of soft bread that compliments any of their soups perfectly—just give it a nice dip.

- Joey W.

Today we had lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants in Sioux Falls...Erbert and Gerbert's Sandwich Shop!  Wow, the choices are great, with 21 sub choices to pick from. They offer 5 choices of their SignatureSandwiches, 8 choices of their Specialty Sandwiches and 8 more choices oftheir Classic Sandwiches. PLUS, they offer soup, too!  Yummy, delicious
soups!  I went with my favorite sandwich on the menu called The Spartan. LOVE the Peppedew mustard on this sandwich! Fresh meat, fresh bread, great combination of the mustard and chicken...amazing taste!  And the soup I ordered today was one of their new soups called Italian Sausage Tortellini.Tastes like goulash!  So delicious! I will be back soon.

- Becky S. 

I had the Titan which features Turkey Breast, tomato, lettuce, Sun dried tomatoes, provolone cheese and cucumbers and a delicious pesto mayo. This sandwich was amazing! Forget your boring cold sandwiches, the Titan was full of flavor, the bread was chewy and super soft! I'm a carb lover and was also impressed that they give you "the guts" which is actually just the left over center of the bread. Perfect for dipping into the tasty Minnesota wild rice and chicken soup I enjoyed on the side! I'll definitely be back!

- Stacey R.

The Attic

Erberts & Gerberts

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Phnom Penh

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