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Week 20 Review
(January 27th - February 2nd)

Shahi Palace

We’re so lucky to have an Indian cuisine restaurant in Sioux Falls. Something DIFFERENT than the normal bar and grill type of food! Shahi Palace does a nice job of creating a clean, welcoming, high-end atmosphere with great service and reasonable prices. Since I’m new to Indian food and was unsure of what I would like, they recommended Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s a very popular, traditional Indian dish and it was AWESOME! Delicious chicken comes in a bowl with an orange type of sauce. It’s served with rice on the side. The chicken was packed tons of great flavors. Spicy but not “hot spicy.” Just tasty and different! And the traditional Naan bread that’s made in an Indian Tandoori oven is heavenly. I could eat that bread as my only meal! I loved giving this place a try and look forward to going back and adventuring through the menu some more!

- Amy D.

We had lunch today at the Shahi Palace India Grill, located on S. Shirley Ave., just north of Menards.  I was SO happy with the entrée I ordered off their menu.  It was called Chicken Vindeloo.  Made of boneless chicken and potatoes in a HOT tangy curry sauce, it was so, so very good.  It is served with a side of rice, and the combination was so good I couldn’t quit eating it!  I will say, though, that it is quite hot in the spice area (they even say so on their menu), so have a large glass of water right next to you!  I love spicy foods, so this was perfect!  Oh, and I want to add that the Naan (bread) was delicious, too.  Warm and airy…perfect!  I will be back very soon!  

- Becky S.

Have you ever heard the ol’ saying…I’ve never come across a buffet I did not like?  Well the Shahi Palace is no different.  However there are a number of options that do make their buffet different from the rest.  Having never experienced Indian food I found the gentle blend of curry and sauces to be incredibly unique.  I chose the buffet because I like varity and the Chicken Tandoori, Basmati Rice and Navratan Korma were not a disappointment.  As a trio these dishes complimented each other perfectly.  But there were two items that really stood out for me and that was the Fish Pakoda and Kheer.  The fish was fried and very light…light enough that I had to go back for seconds (i.e., the benefit of a buffet).  Kheer, also noted as Rice Pudding, had the right amount of sweetness and made the perfect desert.  When is a buffet not just another buffet?  When you go to the wonderful setting and atmosphere of the Shahi Place!

- Scott N.

This was my first time eating authentic Indian food and I was pleasantly surprised! I decided to do the buffet so I could try a wide assortment of the food. I ordered naan bread, pakoda, tai curry chicken, green beans, potatoes, and rice. It was all very delicious and fresh, but my two favorite items were the tai curry chicken and the naan bread. The tai curry chicken had such a great flavor. Even after a full stomach, it was hard to stop going back for more! The naan bread, an oven-baked flatbread, had a really nice texture and freshness to it. I hope to go back soon and try some other dishes off of the menu!

- Adam V.

Pita Pit

Shahi Palace