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Living west of Sioux Falls, I don't get to the eastside much, but I will definitely be going back to Imperial Garden. This is a great Chinese restaurant. Some of us ordered the family meal which included soup and appetizers. I choose the wonton soup which was seasoned perfectly and had a large wonton. Egg rolls and fried wontons were the appetizers served with sweet & sour sauce and hot mustard. I went with my favorite Almond Chicken with steamed rice. This entrée was great and had an abundance of almonds which I loved. The soup, appetizers and entrée were all so good and worth the price. Remember Imperial Garden the next time you are looking for some place to eat on the eastside of Sioux Falls.

- Stacey S.

Being an avid fan of Chinese as you've seen in the past, I was more than excited for my trip to Imperial Garden. Located on the east side of Sioux Falls on 10th St. this is quite the clean and professional restaurant. I ordered the Szechuan Beef with the side of an egg roll. Sometimes ordering an egg roll somewhere else would get you a miniature tootsie roll sized snack item but not here! This egg roll was light and crispy on the outside and jam packed full of cabbage and pork that was the great setup to the beef. Speaking of the beef, it was so tender and had a relatively sweet sauce that my taste buds had a party with. The plate even came with a side of veggies that were the great finishing touch on this hidden gem of a Chinese restaurant.

- Joey W.

We visited Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant today, located on E. Arrowhead Rd. (across from the eastside Walmart). Before our meal, we ordered soup and appetizers. The soup I ordered was the Sweet & Sour which was very, very good!! Spicy just the way I like it! We also shared an order of Fried Won Tons and egg rolls. They were cooked perfectly and with the sweet and hot mustard I mixed for dipping, I really enjoyed these appetizers! For my meal, I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken, which is my most favorite dish at Chinese restaurants! We had all ordered both fried and steamed rice, so I tried a little of each. The Kung Pao Chicken was delicious and full of flavor! I love the spicy brown sauce they put on this. And the added peanuts really made this dish so good! Crunchy and spicy…two of my favorites! Perfect lunch…I will be back again!

- Becky S.

If you're craving Chinese, Imperial Garden is definitely the place to go! I enjoyed the Cashew Chicken from the family special on their lunch menu. It comes with your choice of soup and wontons and egg rolls. I chose the egg drop soup, which tasted great and warmed me up on this cold December day! The wontons were very crispy and the egg rolls were delicious and a great size. My entrée, Cashew Chicken, was the perfect portion for my lunch appetite and was full of flavor! The cashews added a nice salty crunch tothe vegetables and chicken.

- Gina R.


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