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K's Restaurant

While dining for lunch at K Restaurant, I was in love with the atmosphere! There were a lot of options for those with a small or big appetite. Our group was given the opportunity to share some meals family style, which gave us all the chance to try out four very tasty items. Of the four, my favorite was the flavorful Vegetarian Burrito. I'm a veggie lover and the burrito was made up of yummy roasted zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, onions, peppers mixed together with black beans, rice, shredded cheeses and a salsa-sour cream mix. The burrito also comes with the option of adding chicken or beef, but I found the flavor to be outstanding with just the fresh mix of all the veggies! Definitely a must try for any Mexican food lovers out there!

- Stacey R.

This has been a fun and flavorful time on Fox Food Favorites and what a way to cap off our first edition than with 'K Restaurant'! There is something truly unique about the menu and the taste of the items we sunk our teeth into. Of the different dishes we sampled, my mother would have never believed I would enjoy them. See, I'm actually a picky eater (shocker for a 300lb. person, I know!) but no matter what they put in front of me, I couldn't get enough! The first plate I took a bite from was the Vegetarian burrito…yeah, no meat but good gravy was this thing amazing! From the play on a Grilled Cheese to chicken wild rice casserole and finishing with the pot roast beef sandwich… my big take away is FLAVOR. Nestled back in the 8th and RR Centre downtown, K Restaurant is a perfect place for a date night or your office lunch. Now time to get registered for one of their cooking classes these holidays to figure out how she does it!

- Joey W.

K Restaurant is a quaint and cozy place perfect for meeting friends for lunch or dinner! This was my first time eating at K's but definitely won't be my last! The four of us shared four different entrées. My favorite out of the four was the Grilled Cheese. This is not a typical, boring grilled cheese sandwich! The combination of the cheddar and dill cheese, sour cream and tomato was so flavorful. The cucumber salad was a great side to compliment the sandwich. I also enjoyed the Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole – a bowl of comfort food! The toasted almonds, chicken and creamy mushroom sauce was wonderful! The wonderful homemade desserts in the display by the door caught my eye as I was leaving. I'll definitely try one of those next time!

- Gina R.

We gathered for lunch at the K Restaurant, located at the south end of the 8th & RR Centre. What a fantastic little restaurant this is! Great tasting food and such a quaint and fun atmosphere there! We were able to sample a bit of each of 4 entrees…The Beef Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Wild Rice Casserole and a Vegetarian Burrito. They were ALL so delicious! My favorite was the Beef Sandwich, made from warmed shredded beef pot roast, horseradish chive cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun with caramelized onion mayo. So flavorful and mouthwatering good! It was served with a cucumber salad which also was scrumptious! I will return for sure with some other friends. It's such a great place to meet for a meal…and then on to shop at the neighboring stores…what fun it all is!

- Becky S.

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K's Restaurant

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