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Maple Street Cafe

The Maple Street Cafe has a relaxing atmosphere, attentive staff, and most importantly, DELICIOUS food! I ended up ordering the lunch buffet and tried the Baked Chicken Quarters, Roasted Potatoes, Vegetable Du Jour, and the Jalapeño Cheese Soup. I couldn't believe what I was getting for only $7.95 - it's a steal! Everything was very fresh and seasoned to perfection. My two favorite items were the Roasted Potatoes and the Jalapeño Cheese Soup. I am anxious to return and try more things on the menu!

- Adam V.

The Maple Street Café is a great place to go for lunch! You can order off their menu or choose from the many items on their lunch buffet. The lasagna on the buffet smelled so good, so that was an easy choice for me! It was full of flavor and loaded with meat and cheese. I added the roasted potatoes which were steamed to perfection and seasoned with butter and herbs, and corn mixed with onions and peppers. It was like a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal! For dessert, I enjoyed a slice of cheesecake topped with cherries. I almost went back for another piece; it was so good! The service was very friendly and accommodating. I have signed up for their weekly emails, which are sent on Monday mornings, to see what’s on the buffet each weekday.

- Gina R.

Today at the Maple Street Café, we had a great lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants in Sioux Falls.  I’ve had been there before, so this was such a treat to be able to review and let the world know about their delicious food.  On my last visit there, I had the buffet, which is always so good, but today I wanted to order off their menu.  I ordered the Tuscan Turkey sandwich.  It was so flavorful with smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce and onion on a sliced baguette with sun dried tomato aioli.  The baguette was grilled to perfection.  You will not be disappointed if you order this sandwich!!  For a side, I wanted to try something other than traditional french fries…so I ordered their Sweet Potato Puffs.  That was a great choice!  Those little puffs of sweet potato were very unique and delicious.  I will order them again next time! 

- Becky S.

What a nice, classy feel this hidden café gave me when I arrived. I normally don’t consider a restaurant inside of a hotel for lunch or supper options but Maple Street Café has my attention. As soon as we sit down, we are told the Soup of the Day is Jalapeno cheddar so I jogged over there to grab a bowl --- and I’m telling you, this is the BEST cheese soup I’ve ever had. Off the menu I noticed a unique item called ‘Rajun Cajun Tortellini’ which featured cheese stuffed tortellini noodles, grilled chicken, Andouille sausage, and a slightly spicy Cajun sauce for it all to sit in.
The pasta had just the right amount of heat for me and I really enjoyed the flavor of the chicken and sausage. Service was top notch—friendly, and answered any questions we had. I went there with an open mind and left feeling like this is now a place I could eat for a quick lunch or a nice sit-down supper any day of the week. 

- Joey W.

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