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Phnom Penh Restaurant

Phnom Penh is a colorful and clean restaurant. I enjoyed their lunch combo special which included my choice of an appetizer and an entrée. I chose crab rangoon and sesame chicken stir fry. It was delicious! The crab rangoon was nice and crispy and the sesame chicken was very flavorful. It also included fresh broccoli and fried rice. Everything tasted very fresh! The service was quick and the staff is very friendly.

- Gina R.

What a fun place to enjoy Asian Cuisine from the service to the wide variety of lunch items that left me struggling to pick just one! After strong debate, I decided to go with 'General’s Chicken' and MY-OH-MY; I didn’t regret that decision one bit! The sauce has a good amount of spice to it but never once over powered the sweetness. On the side I slammed down a top notch egg roll that had a nice light crispy texture and was packed with filling. Phnom Penh really does set itself apart from other Asian themed restaurants!

- Joey W.

Today we had lunch at Phnom Penh Restaurant, my first ever trip there! I ordered Shrimp/Pork Spring Rolls along with a bowl of Wonton Soup. Both were absolutely delicious and the perfect amount of food for anyone looking for a lighter lunch option. The Spring Roll's flavor was impeccable and came along with a tasty peanut dipping sauce. I would defintely order each of these items again! Our server was extremely friendly and very attentive to our entire table. The best part, we were able to enjoy a nice sit down meal in under forty five minutes (perfect for the hour lunch break). I would recommend Phnom Penh to anyone looking for great Asian Cuisine in Sioux Falls!

- Stacey R.

Today I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken with an egg roll and the spicy & sour soup. So very delicious was everything!  The fried rice was cooked perfectly and the entrée was made with lots of fresh and crispy vegetables (a great way to get your daily veggies in), a brown sauce and your meat choice (I chose chicken). They serve you a large portion, but it was so good that I ate it all! The egg roll was awesome, too. Love that hot mustard and the sweet/sour sauce that I mix together to dip the egg roll in. WOW, what a punch that makes, but oh, so delicious! And the spicy & sour soup was also full of (more!) vegetables.
The spicy-ness of the soup was just to my liking! 

- Becky S.

The Attic

Erberts & Gerberts

K's Restaurant

Phnom Penh

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