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A Taste of the Big Apple

Casa Del Rey

Frankie's Sports Bar & Grill

Maple Street Cafe

Puerto Vallarta

Skelly's Irish Pub & Grill

The Attic Bar & Grill

Steak Sandwich

We all met at The Attic Bar & Grill on the corner of E. Sycamore and W. 41st St.  The menu choices are many great options to choose from.  I went with the steak sandwich and a side of garlic mashed potatoes, which was a great choice, I might add!  The sandwich was huge! Tender and grilled just right, I managed to eat it all, plus the side of garlic mashed potatoes!!  They are made with real potatoes, not the boxed dried flaked ones...with a hint of garlic, they were perfect! It was a very delicious lunch.  

Becky -

I’ve stepped foot into The Attic a few times before…sometimes for reason’s other than a meal but have always loved the unique atmosphere that it brings. This trip would be no different as they were all in the Halloween spirit with the most realistic looking gigantic spiders hanging from the walls. But on to the food--- I continued with my obsession to have a burn in my belly after a meal and ordered the ‘F-N-H’ burger. The burger contains a couple squirts of their own ‘knock your socks off’ hot sauce, topped with pepper jack cheese and a few fresh cooked jalapenos. This ½ pound beautiful piece of awesome is definitely worth the trip over and if heat isn’t your thing, I saw a wide selection of fun ‘pants-stretching’ sandwiches to choose from.

Joey -

F-N-H Burger

Chicken Salad Sandwich

For my meal I had the Amazing Southwest Chicken Salad. This is a perfect sized salad for Tex-Mex lovers who are looking for lighter fare! The salad is made of zesty, seasoned tender grilled chicken along with black beans, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, black olives, cheddar cheese and crunchy tortilla strips all served on a big bed of greens. The salad also comes with an awesome spicy ranch dressing and garlic toast. Definitely a must try for salad lovers!

Stacey S. -

What a great place to go for lunch! You’ll be entertained looking at all the unique decorations that fill the walls and ceilings of the restaurant as you wait for your order. The menu alone is entertaining! It looked like an old newspaper and even had articles from noteworthy Sioux Falls events. I chose the Midwestern Chicken Penne Pasta from the lunch menu. It is a smaller version of the dinner pasta. Each bite was full of the creamy ranch sauce, blackened chicken, bacon, tomatoes and spinach. This entrée was so tasty and definitely something I’d order again.

Gina -

Midwestern Penne Pasta

The Attic

Erberts & Gerberts

K's Restaurant

Phnom Penh

Rollin Pin