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Signal Issues
KTTW Fox 7 Employment
Dish Nation
General Manager
Ed Hoffman
Sales Manager
Stacey Sieverding

John Bennett
Jon Yirka

Marketing Specialist
Scott Nelson
Promotional Production
Adam Veurink
Master Control
Corey Thompson

Not sure who to contact? E-mail us anyway! We'll forward it to the appropriate person.
Local Mailing Address
2817 W 11th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
(605) 338-0017
FOX News (National)
1-888-369-4762, or yourcomments@foxnews.com
Fox Sports (National)
FOX Primetime (National)
Issues with Closed Captioning
For immediate concerns, please contact our Chief Engineer
(605) 338-0017, ext. #120
FAX: 605-338-7173
For general "local" concerns please contact our Marketing Specialists
(605) 338-0017, ext. #114
FAX: 605-338-7173
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