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KTTW Fox 7
2817 W 11th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
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Recent Winners

Wild Water West Day Pass GiveawayComplementary Passes for 25/27/16Caleb Lee
Discover The Dinosaurs GiveawayComplimentary Passes for 55/5/16 - 5/11/16Sheri Hofer

Complimentary Passes for 4
5/5/16 - 5/11/16Jessica McGehee

Complimentary Passes for 4
5/5/16 - 5/11/16Maureen Madigan

Complimentary Passes for 4
5/5/16 - 5/11/16Danelle Park
Puerta Vallarta Giveaway
$25 Cinco Demaya Gift Certificate3/18/16 - 5/5/16Lauriann Martinez

$25 Cinco Demaya Gift Certificate
3/18/16 - 5/5/16Heather Serck

$25 Cinco Demaya Gift Certificate
3/18/16 - 5/5/16Anastasia Brown

$25 Cinco Demaya Gift Certificate
3/18/16 - 5/5/16Jenny Wallace
Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet Giveaway
2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
4/1/16 - 4/30/16
Mar. Winner: Susan Krank

3/1/16 - 3/31/16
Mar. Winner: Ron Binns

2/1/16 - 2/29/16
Feb. Winner: Kirsten Ehleng
Scotty McCreery Giveaway2 Concert Tickets & 1 Night Stay3/2/16 - 3/18/16Tyler Frantzen
Valentine's Day Kiss Pic Giveaway$200 Diamond Room Gift Certificate 1/25/16 - 2/11/16Tanya Krueger
Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving LifeHack Box12/31/15 - 1/11/16Amy Weber

Leigh Ann LaFollette