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KTTW Fox 7
2817 W 11th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
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Recent Winners

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet Giveaway
2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
11/1/16 - 11/30/16November Winner: Kay Munce

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
10/1/16 - 10/31/16October Winner: Mary Jo Almont-Harwig

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
9/1/16 - 9/30/16September Winner: Scott Harkema

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)8/1/16 - 8/31/16August Winner: Chris Jensen

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
7/1/16 - 7/30/16July Winner: Courtney Villalobos

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
6/1/16 - 6/31/16June Winner: Karl Kuper

2 Buffets (new winner monthly)
5/1/16 - 5/30/16May Winner: Kris RipperdaJune
The Exorcist Friday Night Fright PromoMisc. Premium Items from Fox
12/9/16To Be Announced (TBA)
"Pitch" Tailgate Swag Bag
Misc. Premium Items from Fox
9/23/16Ken Schaffer
"Cirque du Soleil" Ticket Giveaway2 Comp Tickets to  Jan. 4 Show ('17)11/4/16Amiee Ullom

2 Comp Tickets to  Jan. 4 Show ('17)
11/4/16Sara Kroontje-Cady