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Idol & Empire Pack Bona Fide 1 – 2 Punch   for Wednesday Nights


For over a decade Fox viewers have tuned into one of televisions most sought programs. American Idol entered its 14th season with some critics saying "this was it". Well unless there is a dramatic change in viewership it appears the critics were wrong. In week three of the new season Idol led the 7 o'clock hour as the most watched show on network television. Tens of thousands still flock to the try-outs across the country, all hoping to fill the shoes of past winners like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and countless others. Idol's impact on the entertainment industry resonates beyond the scope of television. Over the past 13 seasons finalists have released a combined 200 albums, scored 420 #1 Billboard hits, generated more than 250 million iTune downloads and have been certified with 95 Gold and 83 Platinum records. As always, tune into KTTW Fox 7 each Wednesday and Thursday night and enjoy the ride.

Another week three #1 is the freshman show called Empire. This new powerful drama also focuses around the music industry where Luscious Lyon portrays the King of Hip-Hop. The real hook to this show is the Luscious already knows a medical condition will debilitate him from retaining the throne within the next three years. With three sons, an ex-wife and a cast of other diversified characters he is compelled to start the process of choosing his successor. The sons all share different attributes and downfalls alike. Empire has surpassed expectations and surprised many. Since week one (January 7th) the show has shown a steady increase in viewership and now sits atop Wednesday's 8 o'clock hour. The impact has been so dramatic the Fox Broadcast Network has already ordered another season for the new up-and-comer. If you join the millions of viewers who have interest music – KTTW Fox 7 is the place to be!

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