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Signal Issues
KTTW Fox 7 Employment
Channel number by city...
RF Channel Identified Channel
KTTW - 7.1 /ThisTV - 7.2
KTTW - 7.1 /ThisTV - 7.2
KTTW - 7.1 / ThisTV - 7.2
KTTW only - 14.1
Sioux Falls
KTTW - 7.1 /ThisTV - 7.2
KTTW - 7.1 /ThisTV - 7.2
KTTW - 7.1 /ThisTV - 7.2

Signal Issues Questionnaire
From time to time we have off-air signal issues with KTTW/KTTM and/or ThisTV.
When this happens you can help our engineering staff rectify the issue more efficiently.
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

What town do you live closest to?:

What type of antenna do you use?:

Where is the antenna located in/on your home?:


Is KTTW Fox 7 affiliated with ThisTV?

Yes...ThisTV (digital channel 7.2) is a secondary station of your local
Fox affiliate. An additional note regarding ThisTV...due to a recent upgrades to our equipment some over-the-air viewers are no longer able to get ThisTV/7.2.
If you are one of these persons affected please take the following steps:

1) Disconnect your antenna from your tuner (television converter box).

2) Run a channel scan.

3) Unplug your tuner and leave unplugged for several minutes.

4) Hook your antenna cable back into your tuner.

5) Plug your television or converter box back in and
perform another channel scan.

This should clear your tuner's memory and allow it to see the new values in our
sub-channel's information. If this does not work please feel free to call KTTW Engineering at 605-338-0017 for more details.

Is FOX broadcast in digital?

Yes, all of our TV transmitters are broadcasting a FCC digital signal.  See above for the RF Channels you may receive.  For RF channels 2-13 you will need an antenna capable of receiving VHF channels.  For channels 14-69 you will need an antenna capable of receiving UHF channels.

Where is your broadcasting towers located?

Our Aberdeen broadcast tower is located near the junction of HWY 12 & 281.
Our Brookings broadcast tower is located in Brookings near 8th Street S. & 22nd Ave.
Our Huron broadcast tower is located 3 miles east of Alpena, SD.
Our Pierre Broadcast tower is located 2 miles south of Ft. Pierre, SD near HWY 83.
Our Sioux Falls broadcast tower is located southwest of Rowena, SD.
Our Watertown broadcast tower is located just south of Watertown, SD near HWY 81.
Our Worthington broadcast tower is located 9 miles west of Worthington near HWY 35.


If you have other questions about our station simply
click the Fox 7 logo to send an email to management.

* Please include your Name, Address, & Phone Number *
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